Many flower lovers choose to receive weekly flowers during the growing season and purchase subscriptions. This may be a bouquet subscription, or a new offering in 2019 of a bucket subscription.

Bouquet Subscription

With a bouquet subscription, I will create a fresh arrangement in a vase you provide and deliver it in Harrisville on Mondays or Thursdays.  Out of towners may pick up their weekly arrangements at my gardens.

  • 5 Large bouquets – $95
  • 5 Medium bouquets – $80
  • 10 Large bouquets – $180
  • 10 Medium bouquets – $155

Bucket Subscription

The bucket subscription is an opportunity for you to indulge your creativity. I will deliver, or you may pick up, a 5 qt. bucket filled with loose bundles of 8-10 varieties of fresh flowers and greenery. This will be enough to create several small bouquets or one large dramatic arrangement.

5 qt. bucket (8-10 varieties of flowers & greens)

  • 5 weeks $225
  • 10 weeks $425

Business Subscription

I am also expanding business subscriptions for owners who want to add beauty to their business location with a stunning large arrangement delivered on Mondays. This arrangement will be in a vase of your choice with flowers that complement the décor and color scheme of your office, store, studio or spa.

Generous, creative arrangement delivered weekly on Mondays

  • 5 weeks – $140
  • 10 weeks – $260
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